Hi, we are Karri and Kati.

We are married couple from Helsinki and and we share a passion for photography. Our family includes daughter and two dogs. And not only dogs, but two adorable yet goofy Jack Russels. One of them could easily pass for anything else by his choice of color, though. Basically we are just an ordinary married couple, whose days are filled with work and we often spend our evenings at home. We also absolutely love good coffee and travelling to odd places.

For us, photography is a way to do something creative and we get inspired from surrounding life. Our goal is to capture moments full of feelings like joy, love and vulnerability. We want to get to know our customers, in order to be able to capture those important moment into amazing pictures. Photo shoot with us includes funny moments with real smiles, long chats and movement.

By the way, these amazing pictures of us were taken by the one and only Jere Satamo.

1. Two unique perspectives. Instead of having one way to capture the day there will be two a bit different points of view.
2. More photos of the moments that matter.
3. Two professional photographers who consistently work together as a team.
4. We can be at two places at the same time or capture two simultaneuos happenings at the reception.
5. We know from our own experience how important the wedding day is and can relate completely to how our brides and grooms are feeling.

Reasons to hire husband - wife team

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some pictures of our life